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Website Security didn't work for me

The service I have received from goDaddy is absolutely shocking. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
I was sold a security package which I have now been told didn’t actually offer any security. So my website was hacked!
Since it has been hacked, I have suffered multiple hosting errors 502. And since it has been “repaired” by the godaddy team I have now lost all webpages, booking systems and content on my site, it now only appears as coding. This has now being going on 6 days!! I am loosing a massive amount of business because of this. Godaddy team each time I speak to them, I have to explain the problem again each time, they tell me it’s fixed and hang up and yet again the same problem occurs. I have spent at least 7 hours on the phone to them in total.

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We are end users like you so I'm not sure how much we can help with your specific issue. That being said, I am assuming you are referring to one of these packages  -


Just wondering

1) What type of website do you have - WordPress, HTML, some other platform?

2) What type of server are you on cPanel, Managed WordPress, VPS - hosted elsewhere?

3) Have you been doing any sort of external backups of your site? - The security service does a backup of files they are modifying as part of the fix but not backing up the site itself on a regular basis

4) Assuming it is WordPress had you been updating plugins on a regular basis


I can tell you generally speaking these sort of "repairs" are a manual process and GoDaddy employees are working from home so that could delay things. 


Also if you could share your domain name.

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