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Why is Godaddy doing nothing against spam domains/spam links?

It is really unbelievable that Godaddy does nothing against reported spam domains/links registered and hosted over/at Godaddy.


I have never seen a company who is more ignoring spam issues. Anyone any idea how to make Godaddy aware that some of their customers and resources are pestering others?


But doing nothing and ignoring people is just a lame joke.


Just to clarify - i am no customer but my mail account got hit by some lame spam mail where multiple items are in relationship with Godaddy - registered domains and even hosted content.


So, what to do when Godaddy ignores abuse reports 100% Anyone has any idea?

Community Manager

Hi @Sajadi. Sorry to hear you've been receiving spam. To clarify, GoDaddy reviews all of the reports that are submitted to us. Sometimes it takes a bit (as there can be many). We'll take action on a domain that is reported if it is found to be in violation of our Terms of Service. However, keep in mind that sometimes domains are spoofed and the registrant of the domain isn't the one responsible for sending the spam. That's why it's always best to reach out to the email provider of the server sending the messages. Hope that helps. 


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Not at all. You have a large issue with abuse and it is well known you do not do anything against most cases.


Just allow me to post something:


Your biggest issue is that spammers seem to use parked domains in combination with email services from you to collect active email addresses. See here:


revenue-4you . com -
awssupp . com -
moviesaccount . com -
suppinsta . com -
supptwiter .com -
infobacks . com -
taskboardout . com -


That are cases in the reply-to field of a recent spam mail, that are the IP to which the domains referring to, take a look to the complaints on abuseipdb for each (parked domain)


You are doing nothing, that issues can not even be properly reported over your abuse system. I expect that you forward that information to your superior.


I really would hate to involve a lawyer - but if you guys will not stop protecting criminals and deliver no real solutions i will do that.

Every of the domains i have posted has different IP - the spam sender has nothing do do with Godaddy. But the unfortunate souls who actually would click "unsubscribe" in such a mail and send that way their own mail to the dozens of varying domains with active mail accounts from your range - get tons of spam as result because of that.


I really want to know how you should report this kind of abuse with your ridiculous abuse report system. I expect a solution. And that pretty fast, because my patience is running out.