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Lost my WP site

I was trying to change my temporary WP address to my proper domain but I sccrewed it up by trying to do it through the WP Admin here. Now I am unable to see the WP site I built and fear that it may be history. Any ideas on how I can get it back??


Hi @dejayp


Thank you for your post. Before you go any further I recommend that you make a complete backup of the wordpress files in teh hosting directory as well as the database in the php my admin sections of the hosting.


After that there ma be a few options. One I am familiar with is to update the Database ma manually to accept the new domain. You can do this by opening the Database file you saved as a .TXT in notepad. Search for the temporary URL ( example and replace with the updated domain (example or


Save and replace the existing database.


Another option would be to try to access wp-admin through the direct login url, example you could also try with the updated domain as well. 


No matter what you try be sure not to change the backup files saved on your desktop. Keep those as they are until you find a good fix and then make another backup afterwards.


Best Wishes!