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Need help getting started with WordPress


Lots of folks here, well I wanted to finally get started with my new domain and website and of course was stereo in the way of Word Press, thought things were going to be a paint by numbers kind of set up, I did the word press thing because I wanted to blog and was suggested this would be the best for me, of course once started I became lost real fast and was saying ....what did I just do here wanting to do something I was passionate about, ( positive word ) spreading good thoughts to all of us as my domain name is,  but came to a screaming halt real fast and now realizing it's been sitting there untouched with the exception of a few pics........

We're is a good start for me to learn how to get this up and running,  looking for suggestions   😧

Super User II

GoDaddy has a great getting started help page here.   Once you go through everything on that page you'll have a running start!








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Hi all, new to wordpress and trying to build. Im using the site builder and having trouble with editing the menu bar pages.  Ive managed to remove a couple that I dont plan on using but as far as editing each page I cant open through the dashboard > pages option and also on sitebuilder there is no option to edit each page.  Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


Hi, i am new to wordpress, i just need help removing the call now button and the "learn more" link.

thank you


I have just ordered a wordpress hosting on this but i don't know to upload wordpress website from localhost to wordpress hosting. So please guide me.