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Plugins repeatedly deactivated

I'm using WordPress managed hosting with GoDaddy. My site uses SecretLabs "The Lawyer" theme. Every 1-4 days, the site's plugins are all being deactivated, but I have no idea how or why. The site will still be up, but the theme disappears and all the shortcodes just appear as raw text. I can reactivate the plugins with no issues and the site goes back to normal. The only recurring thing in the debug log is a license warning from one plugin, but it doesn't coincide with the timing of the problem (it showed up five days ago most recently but the site weirdness didn't happen until last night). 


The theme came with some plugins like WP Bakery and Ultimate Add-ons for WP Bakery. We've bought standalone licenses for those just to make sure we have the latest updated versions. I updated the theme itself too. It also includes Slider Revolution, and we're using Contact Form 7 as well. I've reactivated all the plugins in some cases, and in others I've only activated the bare minimum we need for the site to display properly (WP Bakery, Ultimate Add-ons, Slider Revolution, Redux Framework, Contact Form 7, and SecretLab Shortcodes for the Lawyer).


GoDaddy help has been pretty useless ("It's probably a plugin. Check your plugins.") Has anyone experienced this and found a fix, or can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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Hey there @chootoi,


This is a development issue, not a hosting issue. GoDaddy is your hosting company, not your developer. That's an important distinction.


Besides turning plugins on and off, have you turned on WP debugging? Is it producing any sort of error log worth noting? Have you checked the page source for errors or conflicts with the javascript or CSS? (These are all questions for your developer to answer, not a hosting company.)


Here's a good article to get you started on troubleshooting the issue. You can also hire a developer to take a look or use GoDaddy's WP Premium Support service to troubleshoot and correct it. Other than that, it's going to be down to researching the issue and implementing a QC method to determine the cause of the problem.


Good luck!

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Have you tried commenting the Theme's creator at Envato - here

I have tried that, yes, but thank you for the constructive suggestion. I appreciate it!


So here's some new information. The issue is being caused by GoDaddy's must-use plugin called "WP Easy Mode". It contains a call to a function called "wpem_deactivate_plugins_on_quit". This is supposed to deactivate plugins when quitting the setup wizard if a site is not complete. It looks like that function is being called occasionally, but we can't tell why. What we do know is that if we go to our GoDaddy account, choose "Managed WordPress Hosting," and then choose "Settings," the site plugins will all be deactivated immediately. One of our developers added a filter to functions.php to try to prevent that function from running, but that didn't work.


Has anyone run into this issue before? I'm waiting in line for chat support, so maybe I can get a little more help from GoDaddy this time. I'm not optimistic though. I haven't had much luck trying to Google the issue. I'm just hopeful someone else has actually run into this and has some relevant advice. Thanks!

I used my FTP to delete the ManageWP Plugin because I could not deactivate it using Wordpress. I didn't have any issues with my plugins randomly deactivating for about a week. Now it seems to be happening every morning. If anyone has the solution it would be greatly appreciated. 

Just got off with GoDaddy support. In my case, they ended up deleting and replacing the MU Plugins folder. On testing, this resolved the issue for now at least insofar as I cannot replicate the deactivation by going to my GoDaddy Managed Hosting settings page, which triggered the problem before. I hope this will also resolve the random deactivations, but it'll take time to see about that. I'll keep an eye on it of course, but that's a good sign for now. If this does indeed end up working, maybe it will for you as well. Good luck!

Thanks! I appreciate the update. Good Luck.

Remove GoDaddy's WordPress plugin

I've had moderate success with the instructions below.

but ya know...

everytime GD wants to update your WP Ver. - back it goes!

Also, WordPress is far from a maintenance free environment - for everyone.