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Stop Automatic Updates of Wordpress by Godaddy

I am a user - not a developer - I have a wordpress site that works unless Godaddy updates Wordpress. I want these updates to stop!!!  I typed in cpanel after my url and i get a bad page error - How do I stop these automatic updates.  Wordpress sucks - the plugins suck and the theme sucks - But I am stuck using it.  There are no standards or collaboration between anyone out there - every time something 'updates' something breaks.  Horrible way to build a tool set.

I want these updates to stop!!!   How do I do it - Please??

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Stop Automatic Updates of Wordpress by Godaddy

Hi @Mark_ - The answer to that depends on how the updates are getting pushed out. If the site in question is hosted on a Managed WordPress account, then there's no way to stop the updates. However, if you're using settings within WordPress itself and are hosted on a different plan type, you should be able to stop it. This WordPress Codex article should help you get that sorted out. 


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Re: Stop Automatic Updates of Wordpress by Godaddy

You're more than likely on Managed WordPress or the install has automatic updates configured within WP-CONFIG for automation. I will give you a side note with that stating WordPress and the entire ecosystem "sucks" is a fairly bold statement. Websites are dynamic and always changing and developers/designers/etc. have been forced to completely accept WordPress as a development environment due to the explosive growth, just like GoDaddy has responded with managed hosting services for WordPress.


Diminishing profits in the business have been a huge contributor to forcing all of us to working with WordPress. It is honestly an amazing platform and has really brought pricing down for end-users with development, etc. However, it has also lowered the bar for entry into the industry and that is what ultimately "sucks" about WordPress as a whole. Customers can get horrible consultants that don't have a clue to not only build out projects, but also how to leave the project with a client after completion.


I will close this response though by suggesting that you need to leave updates to be automated because most hacks to websites happen from updates not being applied in a timely fashion or at all. You're also on GoDaddy, which is one of the largest hosts in the world and that makes you a target by itself for hacking. So leaving those updates on is ideal in my opinion.


Personally, I would like for GoDaddy to have an option to automatically update themes and plugins as well. Good themes and plugins shouldn't break your site "most" of the time, but it happens. Cars and websites both need ongoing maintenance and it's the world we're in now.