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Website not working ..404 error message on each page

Hi I have just visited my WP site to do blog post and cannot do anything.  502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.2.1

This is the message I aam getting and when I checked my site online all the pages except the home page have 404 error msge come up.   Can anyone tell me the problem please as it was working fine before this


Re: Website not working ..404 error message on each page

Hello ltjordy, 

  Sorry to hear about the issue with your Wordpress site. In my experience I have found 2 common causes of the 404 wordpress issue.


The first would be DNS. Be sure that the A record of your domain is pointed to the I.P. address of you hosting account for your wordpress site.


Second, the permalinks. If the DNS is correct there is a chance that your permalinks may need to be reset. In the wordpress dash board you can find your permalinks within the left side menu. Below I have posted an image of what the permalink settings will look similar to. You may need to check another selection, save, and then check the original selection and save again to reset the permalinks. Please note, if you have "custom structure" selected that you will first want to copy/paste the custom string before making these changes. 


As always, we highly recommend that you create a backup of your website before attempting any changes.


If you attempt the above and they do not resolve the error please contact our 24/7 hosting support line and our representitives will be happy to review to see if there is anything we would be able to support and assist you with the 404 issue.


Permalink Settings


Image reference:


Hope this helps!