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WordPress Website Not Loading

I have a managed WordPress website hosted by GoDaddy with the domain registered with (I'm Canadian). I just found out today that the website is no longer loading. It simply goes to a white screen. I have not processed any updates to WordPress recently so I don't know exactly how long it has been down. I have checked the DNS forwarding for the domain and the A Record in GoDaddy appears to be correct as well. It's like the WordPress site that I built is suddenly gone. GoDaddy has been doing backups and when I test it through their site it says it's working 100%. I've restored files and database two times with no change. 


I'm an IT Analyst but not a web designer hence the WordPress site. Can someone please explain what happened to my site? It's for a non-profit charitable society so I need it up and running again as soon as possible. The site is 




Re: WordPress Website Not Loading

I just restored it back 3 weeks and the site is loading. It also says that updates are required. So I'm assuming an update installed or attempted to install and crashed my site. If anyone knows which update may have caused it (if you had the same experience) please let me know. 



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Re: WordPress Website Not Loading



Every website is different, right? So all we can do here is recommend how to determine what the problem is.


WordPress just updated to 4.9.7 on 7/5 which is within your window.  While that could have been the catalyst, I've not had any issues with that update across all the sites I work on.  


When you get the White Screen of death that is generally due to either a plugin or theme conflict.   Here is a troubleshooting process that you can follow that is much like a process of elimination so you can determine where the problem resides.


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