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WordPress template

Hi there!

There are many templates available but difficult to choose from all the list. So far I have seen 'bridge' company that offers template and other different small templates inside its pack. Could you suggest anything else/similar?  Template for small private business ( offering IT technician service, re-install windows, software etc.) basic things to show what kind of service it does. 



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Re: WordPress template

I wouldn't suggest a template @uniqueperson because picking for your specific need would be difficult. What I suggest is that you start by making a list of your needs (mobile ready, responsive, modern, portfolio, WooCommerce...) and use those to filter the templates available on the theme company you choose. People have their preferred theme marketplaces, if you are trying to find one search "wordpress website templates".


I'm not huge into WordPress but I have heard people rave about a framework like Genesis, Divi, Dynamik, Builder, Gantry... Perhaps you want to start by selecting a framework? I hope that helps?

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