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    Error when installing Drupal

    Hi all, I currently have a VPS server with Godaddy.  When I tried to install Drupal, I received the following two errors,


    php-fileinfo-version-minimum v1 (detected: OFF)
    php-mbstring ON (detected: OFF)


    I've did some research, and some suggested that "Select PHP Version" option would solve this issue.  However, "Select PHP Version" is not available in my C-Panel.  All I see are "multiPHP Manager", and "MultiPHP INI Editor).  I've tried them both but no luck.  Any suggestion? Thanks

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    Re: Error when installing Drupal

    The instructions you were looking at were for shared hosting.


    What you want to do is enable the modules MBstring and Fileinfo in EasyApache. It's pretty easy to do from WHM, and GoDaddy also offers to do this for you as a paid service. https://www.godaddy.com/help/install-php-modules-20207


    Is this your first site in your VPS? Based on your admin knowledge I would look into Business Hosting over a VPS, it might be easier for you.


    Re: Error when installing Drupal

    I needed a VPS because I have another site that requires a static IP for sending outbound API request to another site. The shared hosting, even with a dedicated IP, does not have that static outbound IP. 


    Anyway, after some googling around, I was able to find what I need.  I am posting this so hopefully other people using VPS can benefit.


    In order to enable MBString Support in your WHM/CPanel VPS you need to complete the following steps:

    1. Login to WHM as root
    2. Go to Software -> EasyApache
    3. If prompted to upgrade, do so then repeat step 2
    4. Begin customizing based on the current provile
    5. Proceed through the screens until you get to "Step 5"
    6. On "Step 5," click on "Exhaustive Options"
    7. Under PHP, check the checkbox for MBString
    8. Proceed with Build & Compile Process
    9. Make sure you wait for the build to complete.