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    new Account : a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive



    Each time when I try to create new account in whm panel I got this error

    a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive

    and the server is blocked


    Please help me it'svery  urgent Untitled1.jpg

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    i am getting the same issue, but go daddy support team was not able to solve this issue, i paid more then 70000 fo this hosting account.




    its a bug with whm latest version i am having same problem after updating to whm 68.0.10

    Yes, This is also happens with me. It is a bug on WHM latest version. So i decided to backup all the things and restore it again with old version.

    Helper II

    Go to WHM -->Server Configuration -->Tweak Settings


    Press Ctrl+F and search page for  Max cPanel process memory


    set it to unlimited and see if that helps.

    Yes this is a really annoying issue and this still persists in the WHM 68.0.19 version.


    After a deafening silence from GoDaddy support inspite of repeated emails and calls, raised a ticket with cPanel.  They have advised  "make sure that IPV6 is supported by the kernel your VM is running on"


    Even though cPanel does not require the usage of  an IPV6 address the kernel must support it.


    Yet no reply from GoDaddy support.


    I have a workaround for this issue.  Create a new account. 


    /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp  from ssh.
    Voila your account is created.
    Follow this till Godaddy in its highest wisdom and in its own sweet time ensures IPV6 is supported by the kernel.



    this company sucks. they want to squeeze every dime out of you for something they know is an issue. they have gone the way of hostgator. i am going to go to another service. hopefully i don't waste as much money this time.

    Great work - I had the same problem and this solves it until it gets fixed centrally. thanks dude   (as in running /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp  from ssh)