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    From Modems to Muse

    It's 1994, I discover CompuServe and a 4800 baud modem.  I can still hear that puppy dialing up in my head! 

    Signed up for AOL too. Back then, AOL was cool -- and incredibly fun!  I. Was. Hooked.

    Everyone I spoke to about this new "online thing", well, their eyes gazed over. Many seemed to be humoring me like I was a crazy lady.  I couldn't believe how they couldn't believe how exciting it all was!  That didn't discourage me -- it egged me on!

    I was an engineer at the time for a large electronics manufacturer -- and while I had a great career, I couldn't shake the potential I just knew was waiting with my new online obsession.  I *knew* it would change business as we knew it forever.  I saw all this coming and my gut wouldn't shut up about it!  (Same thing happened again when WordPress was born 15 years ago.... *always* listen to your gut!)

    So, coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I opened the first “Internet Studio” storefront, in a sleepy town on the IL/WI border in 1995.   Was that crazy or what!?  That was even before "internet cafes" were the in thing.  It was so successful I opened a training studio on how to use the Internet next door.  Good times!


    Back then a domain, a server and a little HTML, JavaScript and CGI was all you needed to put up an effective “Web site”.  And you could get found quite easily on search engines -- boy, those days are so over. 

    What became clear was that while everyone and their brother and cousin was now a "web designer", very few knew or were being guided on what to do with their new flashy (literally) websites.  So I jumped on that opportunity and I became more than a web builder.  I added business, marketing and coaching consulting services so that my clients could have the best chance for ROI.  TIP: Keep Evolving!  Wrote a few books about Email Etiquette along the way too.

    I made the choice to not hang with the “in crowds” or try to be everything to everyone. This approach allowed me to embrace and grow with technology and not be held back by “group think” or what the latest "expert" claims are the tactics du jour.  

    Being an insatiable learner, listening to my clients and being open to changing what I was doing yesterday to something entirely new today, allowed me to offer the services I am good at to the type of folks I know I can help.  The type of folks that are open to the challenges that online will have for each and everyone of us.

    I’ve been successfully running online businesses longer than most and have gone through all the challenges technology throws at anyone who wants to participate.  Had my share of failures and site shutdowns too -- but I learned from every single one of those experiences.  To this day I do not hesitate to start a new project to see if I can make things happen.  Now, that's what I call fun!  Can't succeed if you don't try, right?


    After 23 years, when folks comment on how much I know, my response is how I am aware of how much I still don't know!  I learn something new almost every single day!  One could say with confidence that I’ve “been there, done that” with most things online. The frustrating and fun alike. 


    And that's the key.... Have fun!  

    Succeeding in any business on or off-line is not easy.  You'll have to work harder, smarter, longer and be required to learn more than you ever have before -- for the long haul.  But if you are doing what you enjoy, what you are passionate about -- and having fun -- that's when the magic happens!

           People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

                                              ~ Dale Carnegie


    "If you think you dare not, you don’t.." ~ Napoleon Hill

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    Re: Sharing your journey - help others learn from your experience

    ...now I have modem sounds ringing in my head @Muse, thanks! There is not much fun in the box, outside the box is the real party. Thank you for sharing that it is okay to be ahead of the curve.

    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Former Employee

    Re: Sharing your journey - help others learn from your experience

    and it goes without saying you and the other folks are absolute "rock stars!"



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    Re: From Modems to Muse

    Beautiful I can still hear the modem dialing now.thanks
    David shelton