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    My "hello world" works better here!

    Want to introduce myself.  I am a retired programmer and I am getting into web page development as a hobby.  Several years ago I used Front Page to create club news for my companies motorcycle club. After I retired, and few other key riders also moved on, the club folded up which explains why the web page has not been updated for several years.


     As a hobby, since 1999, I have had various computers running first SETI , and since 2003,  BOINC.  For those of you that do not know, BOINC allows researchers from around the world to solve various scientific problems by using volunteer computers.  ie: my computers among 100000s of others .  


    Recently, I wrote a program in C# using Visual Studio 2017 to calculate statistics on how efficient (or in-efficient) various computers and their co-processors (graphics boards) are.  I would like to publish this program on my web site to allow other BOINC researchers to use it.  For example, I can actually process this page  or any other similar BOINC related, by dropping the URL onto it.  It then calculates the average and standard deviation of the time to satisfactorily complete a work unit for the researcher.


    My first attempt at publishing was just a "hello world" using ASP.NET Core Web Application.  I just selected it, hit build and it ran just fine and printed "hello world".  Unfortunately, when I published, I got error "500" but that subject is going to be a post for a later time. Just want to say hello here first!




    My first attempt was the "hello world" 

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello World and hello @JStateson!  Welcome to the community.  We're thrilled to have you here.  We look forward to many exciting and interesting discussions.  🙂 



    Thanks you!


    I finally got my "hello world" working.  It was my first attempt to use VS 2017.  I also found out there is a huge difference in on-line help quality.  I must add first that both of my attempts to get help were in the wee hours   Sunday, probably about 3am, before turning the computer off and giving up on the problem, I noticed that "chat" was online.  I asked for help and the respondent immediately said there was something wrong with web.config so he renamed it to web.config.bak.and my program here finally printed "hello world" like it was supposed to.  I did the same at my new site "new.stateson.net" and it also worked after I renamed that web.config myself.  I thanked him for his help, emailed the thread conversation to myself (it never arrived) and said I would get back to him about why web,.config didn't work. 


    The next day I attempted to put my real program onto that new website as it is requires  dot net 4.5.  It did not work.  Not only did it not work but my "hello world"  no longer functioned.   So, about 12:30 am this morning I got on line with xxxx (not going to give his name) who must be having a bad day.  He told me I was getting "503" errors because there was too many connections, too much traffic, or my program was too complicated.  I don't think he knew much about programming or he would not have suggested that for a "hello world" program.  He was partially correct though:  The "hello world" example from Microsoft for VS 2017 had more bloat in it than any other "hello world" program I have ever seen before.


    To make a long story short, he had me "turn off" then "turn on" godaddys "windows" server.  This was not much different from my old windows systems that have to be rebooted when they malfunction.  Instead of having to pull the plug I was told to go to "Application Pool for Your Website" and click on "Recycle".  That did not work but a STOP followed by a START cleared up the problem and my "hello world" is back working.  I am guessing that the RECYCLE does the same thing, but it must not wait long enough before doing the START.


    I emailed the thread to myself so I could remember not to get the same help desk person and I also printed up the transcript with his name. Only the printout worked.


    Anyway, I am happy to be up and running so far. When I get a chance I will try to put together a walkthrough of what I did for other newbies  and noobs like myself.