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Adding PostgreSQL



How can i add PostgreSQL to Deluxe shared hosting?


I saw a similar question that was posted about 3 years ago. I am hoping something has changed.



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Re: Adding PostgreSQL




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Re: Adding PostgreSQL

thank you so much for sharing. Am on it right now and will share my progress. thanks a million!

Re: Adding PostgreSQL

hi @Zulfiqar thanks for the links you sent. however,

-for the first link - i have no file named installpostgres in any of my directories. Also I have no root permission in Deluxe hosting.

- the second link states that you cannot install postgreSQL on shared hosting. I referred to that in my original question and that is why i stated that i hope things are different now two years after that question was asked.

-the third link is a youtube video that talks about configuring mySQL. however, my interest is in PostgreSQL.


thank you.



Re: Adding PostgreSQL

Hi @divineevans,


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The PostgreSQL product cannot be installed on shared hosting such as our cPanel Hosting plans. If you wish to use it, you will need a VPS or Dedicated server



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