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After 15 years cpanel email stopped working!

Last week, my email account on my hosted website stopped working -- after almost 15 years on GoDaddy.  When I say stopped, I mean my Apple Mail app just stopped accessing the account, and after a dozed attempted resets -- it still won't access it -- but the app still accesses my other email sites, so it would not seem to be an Apple/Mail problem.  I have tried to talk with help, but can't seem to reach any tech person in the Hosting area or especially in the hosting/cpanel email area.  Every time I call the 480+help number (and wait 30+ minutes), I get someone in another area, and all they can do is send me back to the same number.  Any suggestions about how to reach someone in the right area?

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I know it seems like lame advice but the best way to get to the GoDaddy support team you need is to listen to and pick the appropriate prompts @GCDavis. Sounds like this isn't a cPanel thing though? The first thing I wondered was if it was a issue of security? It goes without saying but please use the secure protocols and ports for sending and retrieving email. Other than that I can't really offer more but I hope that helps?


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