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Cpanel Email Spam issue

So we use GoDaddy cpanel hosting for our website & basic email.. (We're a small company and don't do a huge volume of email).  We've noticed lately that our outbound emails are being flagged as "SPAM" by GMail etc..  Resulting in our clients missing emails from us.  


I called GODaddy Support today, and instead of offering any sort of solution, the immediate answer was "you need to upgrade to something else" that costs an additional $600+ per year!  


What a crock!  Why not offer a SOLUTION instead of just scamming me out of more money??  Try FIXING your problems GoDaddy.  I'm not going to pay you any more, after I've already paid you a huge amount of money for our Cpanel hosting for 5 years in ADVANCE!



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Super User III

Re: Cpanel Email Spam issue



I'm sorry to hear your email is getting flagged as spam - I am a GoDaddy end user like you.


There are a couple of reasons that Google may flag things as spam which includes (but not limited to)

Content, fonts & links in your email (See


Without seeing the "headers" of the email that went to spam it is hard to say just do XYZ to fix it. It is also possible that one person with Google Mail accidentally flagged something as spam and until enough people then say it's not spam, the filter will grab it


Personally, I do not recommend using the cPanel servers for email - from a technical perspective, if your server ever has an issue (resources, tech issue, billing issue) not only is your website down but your email is down.


For my clients that need email hosting I recommend one the following

1) Google Suite (preferred choice)

2) Office 365 if they need / prefer to by Microsoft based

3) ZohoMail - They have a free version for 5 users / 25GB /user - but is webmail only 

ZohoMail has a plan at $1/user/month


I find this is a much better option as it is moving your mail from where your website is are services specifically designed for mail, vs many different functions

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Re: Cpanel Email Spam issue

Before I moved our service over to GoDaddy I was with another Cpanel
hosting provider for nearly 15 years... Never once did I have any issues
with the email being flagged as spam. I'm VERY tempted to go back to
that provider.

GoDaddy purposely has disabled DKIM on the Cpanel servers as to force an
upsell, instead of allowing it. This is BASIC email security, why would
they do that except to screw over the customer and make them spend more

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Community Manager

Re: Cpanel Email Spam issue

Hi @pcpsinc. Thanks for posting. DKIM on cPanel only works if the cPanel server itself hosts the zone file for the domain in question. Our cPanel shared hosting accounts do not use this configuration, so DKIM will not work on our cPanel accounts. This is why the option has been disabled. My guess would be that your previous host had the domain's zone file on the cPanel server itself and that's why it was available. For what it's worth, you can host the zone file for your domains on a VPS or Dedicated Server and use DKIM. Sorry for any confusion. 


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Re: Cpanel Email Spam issue

@JesseW  Yet another shameless attempt at up-selling instead of providing any semblance of solution. Why should I pay any more than I already have?