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Cpanel requires login

Hi guys, when I login to my godaddy and go to my Cpanel It usually logs in without asking for username and password but now it requires them. I don't remember creating a username and passowrd specifically for Cpanel but I always login through my Godaddy account.


I also get the error that my IP Address has changed. Please whoever helps me do not be too technical with you language by assuming that I already know most of the staff.


The problem started when I changed my MX record to local Mail Exchanger after my emails stopped receiving messages.. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cpanel requires login

Hello @supamanshoba, Sorry to hear you are having trouble logging into your hosting. If you do not remember your cPanel login credentials this guide will help you find them 

As for the "IP Address has changed" I would advise you to call our support team for assistance. You can reach us 24hrs a day at