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Deleted all cpanel file manager files

Hi All. I was deleting files from my File Manager and (while having my 3 year old distract me) I deleted everything. Not just the Public_html folder, all the folders. Typically, I clicked the don't move to trash option, so they have completely gone. I'm not worried by the website, I was changing it all anyway, I just want to know how I get all the other folders back. Thanks in advance. 


Re: Deleted all cpanel file manager files

Hello billywhizz,

I have a suggestion that may help but please be aware that the following method with reset the entire hosting account back to new and should only be preformed if there is no additional content on the hosting account.


WARNING: An Account Reset will erase all content files and databases including email accounts (cPanel email), email content, Website files and content. Website databases.


To preform a Hosting Account Rest please take the following steps:

1. Log into your GoDaddy account

2. Go to the Web Hosting Row and click the main Manage button

3. On the Hosting gateway screen click Settings

4. In the pop-up box click the Reset Account tab

5. Click Reste Account

6. Follow the prompt to reset the account.

7. Setup the new account



Hope this helps!


Re: Deleted all cpanel file manager files

Excellent, Thanks very much. All working


Re: Deleted all cpanel file manager files

Happy to help 🙂

Re: Deleted all cpanel file manager files

I can't see that reset button in my account what should I do