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Drupal 8 not sending email

I installed Drupal 8 (latest version) on my hosted account since lower version got hacked and GD didn't have 8.x as an installatron option. It works fine but does not send emails (like lost password link). I have tried installing the beta SMTP module as well and that also does not send the emails. I have GD email and have tried the relay-host server, my server, and others. Most say either "could not connect to SMTP host" or authentication failed. Even without the SMTP module, the standard php mail isnt working. Is there a setting in cpanel I need to activate in order to get emails sending?


Re: Drupal 8 not sending email

Hey @dougrun,


There shouldn't be any special settings that I'm aware of in cPanel to allow mail to be sent from the hosting plan. You should be able to send mail via PHP Mail as well as custom scripts (or applications) configured to use the mail relay '' via port 25. 


If you're having trouble sending out any mail from the hosting after verifying these settings, then you'll want to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can run further tests to be sure the server is sending out messages. Could be something on the back end blocking activity that they can get fixed for you. 


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Re: Drupal 8 not sending email

I got it working using the SMTP module,' via port 25. no authentication, thanks.