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Godaddy Linux Website PHP to Microsoft SQL


 We have a Ultimate Linux Hosting package that we have a large web site built on PHP 7.2 on, and all works well.

However i am trying to create a php page that connects to an external Microsoft SQL server hosted in our office.

On every sample script i try i get errors, usually about driver not found, so i am assuming its related to ODBC or something similar.

I have enabled in the php version settings everything with the word ODBC and SQL including all the pdo_ ones but nothing works.


I was wondering has anyone successfully used Godaddy Linux hosting to connect to an external Microsoft SQL server?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Godaddy Linux Website PHP to Microsoft SQL

Hi @dm81. Welcome to GoDaddy Community. I was able to do some research on this and it turns out, our cPanel accounts do not have the necessary drivers to connect to MSSQL databases. Unfortunately, this isn't something you'd be able to do if you have one of our shared cPanel accounts. I'd recommend a Plesk account if you need to do this. Sorry Man Sad 


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Re: Godaddy Linux Website PHP to Microsoft SQL

Hi @JesseW,


Thanks for looking into that for me, otherwise i could of wasted a lot of time trying to get it working!

Much appreciated.