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How to update PHP 5 to 7.2 with Ultimate Web Hosting Linux

Ultimate Web Hosting Linux

my PHP v is 5

how can I update to v7.2


Hi @riyan_mv, thanks for posting.

If you are using an older Web Hosting plan (that is not labeled as cPanel hosting) it would not support PHP versions 7.0+. cPanel hosting does support php versions 7.0, 7.1, and will support 7.2, but you would need to purchase and setup a cPanel hosting plan as a new account.


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Hi @riyan_mv, thanks for posting.

If you are using an older Web Hosting plan (that is not labeled as cPanel hosting) it would not support PHP versions 7.0+. cPanel hosting does support php versions 7.0, 7.1, and will support 7.2, but you would need to purchase and setup a cPanel hosting plan as a new account.


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For security reasons and an increase in speed I want to update the PHP version of my WordPress website to PHP 7 (preferably 7.2). WordPress also strongly recommends the latest version of PHP on their requirements page,


More information about currently supported versions of PHP can be found here:


I've heard that sometimes a website can break when updating the PHP version. Can you assist me and update my site safely to PHP 7?


When I log into my account, it only gives me the option of going up to PHP 5.6. What do I specifically need to do to get to the 7.x versions? What are the steps I need to take/


Please advise.



Hi @twanster, thanks for posting.

If you are not using cPanel hosting, PHP 7 will not be available for you to change to. If you are using Web Hosting and want to switch to cPanel hosting, you would need to purchase and setup a new cPanel account and manually migrate your site.

If you are using Managed WordPress hosting, PHP 7 support will be coming in a future update to the platform, but if you want PHP 7 immediately you can switch to cPanel hosting.


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Unresponsive answer from a Moderator?


I have the SAME request for a simple explanation as to what is required to upgrade PHP to the latest version. There is a link in the answer to which I'm replying that says SOLUTION but it is no solution!


I only speak for myself but GoDaddy has suddenly become super-non-responsive as if every little thing we could normally do for ourselves with minimal guidance now needs a dang SERVICE CONTRACT.


Don't get greedy or I will LEAVE. Just provide a bit of basic maintenance information. Thanks!

Community Manager

Hi @fjeinca. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why you feel we've been unresponsive. I do see two responses to two questions on the thread already. Unfortunately, for customers that have our older Web Hosting platform, there isn't a way to upgrade to PHP 7 at this time. The solution is to move to a cPanel plan. That is why the solution is marked as such. 


As for the issue you're having, if you're on a cPanel plan already, you can use the steps in this article to change your PHP version. If you need to move a website from a Classic or Web Hosting account to cPanel,  you can use the steps in this article. Hope that helps. 


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This is not a way to treat your customers!!! Few days ago I had to buy a much more expensive SSL Certificate cause the standard one was not working on add on domains on this hosting (the reason I bought the more expensive one was cause Godaddy Customer Service advised me that) - Now I need to update PHP and I cannot do it with this hosting plan... So to do it I have to buy a new CPanel Hosting. It would have been much cheaper to buy the CPanel plan with Standard SSL certificates, but I guess less profitable for Godaddy.

If you are not going to provide the minimum services on this older hosting (as updating PHP), you should let your customers know!!!

I´m spending around €400 a year in Godaddy, but as soon as my hosting expires if I'm not able to move everything to CPannel with one click I will be moving to another hosting provider. This is not acceptable!!!

Too **bleep** right. They won't help me, won't even give a discount. It's nuts. I've been with Godaddy for nearly twenty years, but once my site becomes unusable, I'm gone.

You can get a free SSL certificate on your Godaddy webspace by signing up with Cloudflare. They have servers all over the world, which will speed up your site and they throw in an SSL certificate for free, if you need one. Unless you're selling from your site, that's all you need. And you get the up to date PHP too.

There are also Wordpress plugins to get a free certificate.


Now for alternatives to Godaddy. There are a lot of people watching this thread, so let's give them the alternatives.

Most companies will give you a 3 year special price, which is reasonable, but they go up to a lot more when that time has expired. but if you use something like Wordpress, it's not too difficult to move your site.

Anybody have a good deal that lasts? Or a company that offers a decent deal? I did have a site a while back with, which I liked. Free for the first year, which after set-up costs and domain name was around £20, rising after that, but still reasonable.

You can set up a free site with or Blogger, of course, but then you don't own your webspace.

There's Wix and Weebly and suchlike, but again, you're not the owner of the site unless you pony up a fair bit of money.

I'm looking at Siteground, which a lot of people recommend, and Bluehost.

Any other suggestions?

I've been using Dreamhost, personally, for 10 years or so and they offer most things for no charge (you can get a free SSL if you want, or pay for a Comodo certified/signed one for $9.99/yr; as many free email accounts as you like and you can log in to use it via their own mail server that looks like their own version of Outlook or Gmail, to name a few). Their support is super helpful also, and knowledgeable.

I generally buy my domains with Godaddy as I have been for years. I have a lot of clients who have Godaddy just because they set their accounts up that way not knowing of any other options. If I am able to sway my clients away from Godaddy, I do. If not, I try to deal with it. 

I agree with a lot of the posts in this thread as I've been getting frustrated with the lack of help/support Godaddy has been offering lately. I used to be able to get live chat support to update issues like PHP memory limits (which are always set by default to the lowest possible values). Just yesterday, I asked support for help and they kept sending me to help articles (which I tried to follow and had no luck). They insisted they were not trained to help me update something as simple as my php memory. I was not talking with sales, I was talking with TECH SUPPORT.  I was then told I could purchase a service team package to fix this stuff for me. Bullsh*t.

And then moderators post stuff saying the question was answered above when all it was was a link to a help article that is not actually that  helpful, especially if you know little to nothing about stuff behind the scenes. The hosting company is the expert and should take care of these things for customers, especially the long-time customers who are responsible for getting Godaddy to where they are today. 

So, I've spent several hours over the past few days trying to figure out how to increase my PHP memory correctly and just found out that I need to ask my client to upgrade their account in order to get PHP7 (I just had them pay a great deal of money for a SSL Cert because they didn't want to pay me to move their content to another host at that time. 

Godaddy- when people ask about using you for hosting, I reply with anybody else would be better and won't charge you for literally everything under the sun. 

I will move to a new Cpanel account if you offer it to me on the same terms as my current plan.

This is ridiculous.

I have been with Godaddy for nearly twenty years, and I would have thought it was worth it to Godaddy, for brand loyalty and so we don't go around the web telling people how shoddily we have been treated. You don't sustain a brand by treating existing customer badly.

Once my site is inoperable, I'm moving, and I won't be shy telling people why I'm doing it.


Community Manager

Hi @LynneC - The renewal price for cPanel accounts (after a lower introductory price) is fairly comparable to older Web Hosting plans. Actually, from what I've seen, the current rate for renewing a Web Hosting plan is slightly higher. We did have free plans at one time but those have been discontinued. We also no longer have grandfathered pricing. If your renewal cost is currently less than it would be on a new cPanel plan, there was likely an error in the billing for your account. 


I can understand your reasoning in wanting the hosting you're currently on to simply be upgraded. However, the infrastructure of the older plans would not support an upgrade to higher PHP versions. This is why moving to a new platform would be required if you wish to use a higher version of PHP. While we don't offer a free migration service, there is a good guide on moving to a cPanel account here


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

It's much less. I am on a program that was introduced when Geocities closed in 2009 in an effort to grab customers affected by the closure. Godaddy offered us a special price for life, so I'm on that rate. I still have the contract. But by refusing to upgrade our PHP you are effectively ageing us out, thus showing disrespect to customers who have been with Godaddy for a long time. And by offering no help in migrating, you're increasing the barriers to entry.

That guide seems unneccessarily complicated. I use Wordpress, so it would be much easier to open a new Cpanel account, install Wordpress and upload the backup using Updraft or similar.

Same issue, godaddy should be more responsible.


We are on old hosting account and godaddy just keep users with old php which has bug and vulnerabilities and can not update to new version.


This is not a solution to tell clients to change the hosting plan, why not give solution to change the hosting provider.


Exactly. I took all of my business to bluehost.

Offer it to me at the same terms as my current plan (which includes no time limit) and I'll do it.

This is not a great way to treat your older more loyal customers. I've spent thousands with Godaddy over the years and only purchased the Linux hosting I have on your recommendation. It was always more than I needed. Now it seems I will have to change and "purchase" a new plan because I need to update my PHP new plugins don't work with the old one . 😞  

I've been advised to move to Siteground, and this may do it for me... 

I completely agree. Just like cell companies trying to get out of their original unlimited plans. Now screwing over long time loyal customers. I am out. Plus they are charging a ridiculous fee for SSL certs.

The highest I can choose is 5.6. They do this on purpose. They want you to cancel plan and purchase a newer more expensive one. I am changing hosts.


I've been with Godaddy for over 10 years. I stuck with the Classic because I know it better. But now I want to upgrade to php 7.0 and I'm told I can't. And you're charging for SSL!

This is not the way to treat your older loyal customers. I am managing the SSL myself, but I'd like that upgrade as all your other, newer customers have. I don't want to open a new account unless I can do it at the price I've always paid, but you want to charge me much more.


Not solved. Not even close.