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Moved from Workspace to CPanel - now cannot receive email


I recently moved my email account from Workspace to CPanel because I wanted the larger quota at no additional cost. However, when I did this it seems I broke the incoming mail server, as I am unable to receive any mail (tested by sending from Gmail). Any help wold be much appreciated.



Re: Moved from Workspace to CPanel - now cannot receive email

Hi @dsobsey


Thank you for you post. Sounds like some of the DNS settings on your domain may need to be updated to allow the emails to route properly. Unfortunately to acquire the exact settings for the update will require a review of your hosting and DNS settings. Please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support line and they will be happy to review and help you update the proper settings to have your cpanel emails functioning properly. 


Best wishes!


Unable to receive emails through workspace mail but can send emails to others

I am using Godaddy Workspace email. The problem is I can send emails to other emails like gmail yahoo etc but cannot receive emails from my domain based email and other emails. Actually I bought domain and hosting from different accounts. I am using workspace email that came along with the hosting account. Yesterday chat support suggested to change MX records as But when i go to Workspace control center> tools> server settings. It says "Your MX records have errors" and showing correct MX entries as "" "". I tried these settings once. With these settings I can receive and send emails. But Cannot receive verification emails from services like Mail Chimp. Please help.

Re: Moved from Workspace to CPanel - now cannot receive email

What was the solution? 


I'm confused between the Workspace Email and CPanel. Which one should I be using? And why isn't Workspace email available from the drop down at the top of the screen - I have to go in to My Products to access it so I get the feeling GoDaddy is phasing it out?!


What should the DNS settings be for using CPanel email (I'm only using forwarders - no actual accounts)? Including the A, CNAME, MX, and TXT (SPF, DMARC, and DKIM) records.


Also, my WordPress installation is using MailPoet to send emails to members.