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My Domain is not Working?

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Thank you for always being very supportive. I have gone beyond taking just the first
step in web hosting. Find below what I have done and the difficulty confronted:

I had registered my web address: with GODADDAY.
I have a hosting account with GODADDY.
I have a Linux hosting (cPanel) account.
I have successfully loaded my Shiloh Printers website files to the
folder: public.html.
I have the index.htm file amongst other html files in the public folder.
I am expected to see my website running by typing at the address bar but to no avail.
However, if I type, the website is
displayed with all the links as expected.

Please, can you help to resolve this problem?


Community Team
Community Team

We're happy to see that it looks like you were able to get this resolved.  I am able to visit your website without any issues.