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Navigating directory on website

I have saved my website in another directory named vnps inside my home directory.
I've not yet linked my domain name to IP.

My IP is, and all my files(including index.html) are inside directory named vnps.
But when  I try to access my website using I get 404 Error: File not found.
What's the problem ? How do I fix this ?

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Re: Navigating directory on website

I don't get a 404 file not found... I get:


The URL or program you are trying to access appears to contain malware or exploits. Malware can harm your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a website that hosts malware may infect your computer.


I would run a scan on your site immediately.  If the site is clean it could be something as simple as your server is not set to use the index.html file as the default home page.  This would be accomplished with an .htaccess file


If you are not familiar with this file it would be best to contact GD support for assistance.


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