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Trying to access data on my VPS through cPanel


I am using the Godaddy VPS Server for 6-7 month.This is the 4th time when my WHM Cpanel disappeared.Now data is available on my server and I am unable to access them.When I am asking with Godaddy Executive they are telling me to buy the backup from them.Is this suitable that they are asking money for my own data but restricting me from accessing them?


I am very much disappointed with this service.I am attaching the screenshot.Screenshot 2017-12-26 13.47.29.pngScreenshot 2017-12-26 13.47.40.png

Kindly do need full.

Helper II

You are using a VPS Server in which Godaddy dont have access to. Please download putty and use SSH on it. That should give you access to the linux terminal. Please reply back if you want help on how to perform such task. Note: YOU NEED TO HAVE AN ACTIVE BACKUP OR BACKUPS BEFORE PERFORMING SUCH OPTION

Son Of Peace

 Please tell me how to access the VPS completely using Linux terminal.


Thanks in advance


Please download Putty. Putty can be downloaded from it originated website source...




It is a standalone software, does not require installation. I have provided a screenshot on this. 


Do let me know if you have any problem after such event as i will be happy to help. Thank You.





Son Of Peace