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What will be happen to my site if I do not renew Economy Linux Hosting with CPanel?

I have purchased a domain hosting at INR 1200/- for one year. After one year I got message to renew Economy Linux Hosting with CPanel which cost about 5000/- for one year. But I can not afford that amount of money right now. What will happen If do not renew Economy Linux Hosting with CPanel.

Advocate VII

Hi @sauravvdey,


I'm a bit sure of the prices you are listing.  Is your hosting going from $1200 for the year to $5000 for an basic plan?


As far as what happens if you do not renew hosting, your domain will return to a "Parked" state, so essentially your files/programs are removed from the system.  If you cannot renew right now, be sure to download all of your files AND export/download your databases.  By keeping this local copy you could restore your site to its current state.


Hope this helps!


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

@JMPepper The OP is using a different currency.  It is 1200 - 5000 Indian Rupees.



@sauravvdey  The hosting account is where the website files are stored, so as was mentioned these would be deleted if you do not renew.