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cPanel Disappeared from my account

Hi All,

I(n case GoDaddy sees this  - My account is [removed]


I recently changed my email hosting from cPanel to Workspace.

This did solve the endless and unresolveable email issues.

I am also now using Website builder.

One or both of the above has created a new problem.....


My cPanel has disappeared!


I still need cPanel because eventually I intend to upload a new Web Page created by my developers on to my domain and they can't do it without cPanel!!


What can I do?




This is very annoying and happens to me a lot and I don't understand why! It comes back after a few doesn't make any sense. The first time I created another site with WHM and a few days later I had two because the first one came back...any explanation? It just happened to me again after installing a new joomla site. Nothing else. Crazy.


Update: It's showing up again after 1 hour approximately. If you know you didn't delete it, just waiting usually helps, instead of calling and have the godaddy team go crazy and in the end you waste your time (it happened to me and they couldn't figure it out after an hour on the phone).


It seems to me that they are two different things: you can have website builder OR cpanel. I hope I’m wrong because the combination would be ideal for me because I want the convinience of website builder but I want to be able to change the css of the template. I’ll ask my salesman at GoDaddy.