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cPanel html images,css, and js.not dispaying

Very frustration!

Thought I knew my way around...loaded files from Dreamweaver CC connected to GoDaddys ftp. site.  Had my files sync up and uploaded. Saw all my files in cPanel, looked at preview and nothing appeared but native html with no css, js, and img.

Ok, lets trouble shoot (I thought)....hours and days later I was hoping it was my SSL.

OK, bought the certificate for 50 a year.   McAfee ok me, so did godaddy that i was all clear.

Place the McAfee js. in my footer uploaded all files ( this time using the generic upload supplied by godaddy. replaced all the images, html and absolutely nothing appeared and I still have the security warning on my **** certificate. 

Been looking on these boards for days and nothing seems to help.

Thanks for any guidance in this matter, Paul