Are these hacking attempts?

I just checked my analytics report for yesterday, and an odd URL has been visited...again.  I started seeing URL visits, that a customer wouldn't be navigating to about 6 weeks ago, and have kept of the off-track visits. This is only the 3rd time this one was visited, and if ti follows the pattern it won't be looked at again.  I'm curious if this is some sort of GoDaddy maintenance, or if someone if probing for a weakness?  It's Saturday, so I can't talk to GoDaddy until Monday.  Just curious if any of you have seen odd URL visits.


The url they try to access is /c2/echo/?path=/tm


I average ~8,000 visits a month, and out of those ~10 are to URLs unrelated to my product menu or company info.


Since payment collection/processing is handled by a 3rd party, what can a hacker actually do?  I know they could change prices, images, and product descriptions for the mere fun of it, but I have backups for that.  Am I missing anything?