SSL Certificate issue UNSOLVED (Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel) for the last 18 days!

It is very sad that godaddy's after sale behavior is very unsupported and it seems they have cheated me and now they dont even care about my problem.  It is now 18 days my SSL certificate not installed by them which was supposed to do by them and i had gone through 6 agents online till now and every time they says they will do, but did nothing! I did all the way everything they asked ( guided by them ) but its not solved! they indirectly want me to buy a costly SSL ( extra ) to buy and then they will help me though my plan have an integrated SSL certificate! all The last 6 agents told me and guided me the same and then told me 24 hrs to wait each time and later on comes with a zero result. Even the articles you provided to follow to generate CSR is backdated and not the same as shows in my screen. Though i tried but after generating CSR and downloading the certificate for Apache server, when about to upload on the cPanel - it requires Private Key which is not available and if i try to provide the old one it does not works mentioning that - "the private key does not match with the certificate"
The same is happening again and again. Tell me, is this some kind of joke your technical teams are making? till now, 6 agents i have talked and waited for 9 days, did everything what and how they said, but you could not fix the issue.
-- Before purchasing the customer support agent told us - SSL certificate will be automatically installed once we buy the package. we need not to worry!
After purchasing-
1st agent said the certificate is included and it will be auto enabled and installed - which did not work. 
2nd & 3rd agent said it is godaddy's backend problem and will be solved in 3 days - but did not work.
4th agent guided me to install and download the certificate several times for 3 long hours and told me it will be okey within next 72 hrs.....which also did not work.
5th agent did the same thing after saying for 24 hrs. 
So would you please tell me what the hell is going on with godaddy??? I supposed to launch the website on the 7th  September but could not make it only because of godaddy!  What is actually a issue of 1-2 mins, taking the time now more than 9 days and still unsolved! 
Let me know what you can actually do to resolve this issue? 
Thanks a lot