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Add package shipping weight and dimensions

Weight-based and carrier-based shipping methods require the package's weight and dimensions to determine shipping costs. This info is based on the packaging used to ship a product. If you want to include details about the product itself, add it in the product's description.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your site.
  3. From your Dashboard, go to Commerce and under Products select Products.
  4. Select a product's name or image to open it.
  5. Select the Shipping tab and enter the package's weight and dimensions.
    Enter package weight and dimensions

    Note: To change between metric and imperial, go to Commerce and under General select Store Settings. Change your Measurement System in the Regional Info section.

  1. Select how you want to determine shipping costs.
    • If you select Calculate for me using shipping methods, your customers will choose shipping based on the method(s) you set up when you add or change shipping methods.
    • If you choose This product always ships free or Specify a shipping fee for this item, these options will apply to anyone in the world regardless of shipping restrictions you add in the shipping methods.
  2. Select Save or Save and Add Another to finish. Your changes now appear in your store.

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