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Buy a domain in GoDaddy Studio

A domain helps you establish an online presence for your business and build your brand. When you connect it to your website, you’ll be easier to find online, while an email address with your domain name lends credibility to your business.

As a GoDaddy Studio customer, you can now buy your domain directly from the GoDaddy Studio mobile app.

Note: Your domain cannot be connected to your GoDaddy Studio Link in Bio site yet, but we’re working on it!

Not sure if you need a domain, or want to know more about domains? Watch our video series on getting started with domains.

When you’re ready, follow the steps to buy your domain on the GoDaddy Studio mobile app.

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy Studio mobile app.
  2. From the home screen, under Try popular features, tap Domains.
  3. Enter the domain name you want to buy.
    Type a domain name to search for it
  4. If the domain is available, tap Make it yours to add it to your cart.
    Tap Make it yours
  5. If the domain is not available, you have a few options:
    • Register for GoDaddy’s Domain Broker Service and we’ll try to help you secure the domain.
    • Select a name from the alternative suggestions shown.
    • Search for a different domain name.
  6. Tap Continue to Cart.
  7. From the dropdown list, choose the number of years you’d like to buy the domain for.
    Select how many years to buy the domain for
  8. (Optional) Add any other optional features you’d like to add to your purchase, such as Domain Protection and Microsoft 365 Email Essentials.
  9. To pay with PayPal, tap PayPal. You’ll be asked to sign in to your PayPal account and complete the payment process.
    Choose a payment method

    Or, to pay through your GoDaddy account, tap I’m Ready to Pay. Review your order and tap Complete Purchase.

You can now link your domain to your website, create an email address or forward your domain to a different URL.

To see your domains:

  1. From the GoDaddy Studio mobile app home screen, in the lower-right corner, tap Projects.
  2. Tap Settings & Preferences.
  3. Under Manage, tap Your Domains. You'll see a list of all your GoDaddy domains.
    Manage domains in Studio

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