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GoDaddy tax exempt customers

Tax-exempt status may be available for some qualifying businesses, governments, non-profit entities, and educational institutions. Sales tax exemptions are granted at the state level and you must provide GoDaddy.com with a copy of a state resale certificate, tax exemption certificate or other acceptable proof of tax exemption from your billing address state. Please visit your state’s Department of Revenue site for the necessary forms to complete and submit to GoDaddy.com. Here is a listing of state websites.

If you have a valid sales tax exemption, call the GoDaddy.com billing department at the number shown above and submit your tax exempt form. The documentation submitted should include:

  • your GoDaddy.com account number
  • the name of your organization
  • contact information if additional information is required regarding your request.

Note: Federal income tax exemptions are not valid for state sales tax purposes.

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