GoDaddy Email Marketing Help

Setting up an Autoresponder

This article covers a legacy product no longer available to new customers.

An Autoresponder is great for sending a campaign automatically to subscribers added to a specific list. Autoresponders can be managed at anytime.

Enabling Autoresponders

To enable the Autoresponders section, please use these instructions:

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to Email Marketing and select Manage next to your plan.
  3. Click the Add-ons menu, at the top of your page, and select Add More.
  4. In the Autoresponders section, click on the toggle button to turn it on.

Note: After it's turned on, you can access the Autoresponder area by choosing Autoresponders under your Add-ons menu.

Creating an Autoresponder

To create an Autoresponder, please use the following instructions:

  1. When using Email Marketing, click Add-ons and then Autoresponders.
  2. Click on the New autoresponder button.
    New autoresponder button
  3. In the Create a new autoresponder prompt, fill out the requested information.
    Create a new autoresponder
  4. Click the Create my Autoresponder! button to complete.