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Website Builder version 6 Help

Upgrading to Website Builder

Note: This article is for Website Builder version 6. Your version displays at the top of the screen when you log in to your Website Builder account. If you're using version 7, this features is unavailable.

When you click the Upgrade Your Site tab from your InstantPage® dashboard, you upgrade your account to Website Builder. When you upgrade, Website Builder automatically imports the design elements from your InstantPage website, such as your pictures, color choices, and the arrangement of Web page content.

Before you publish your website for the first time with Website Builder, you must create log in credentials unique to your Website Builder account. You can create these credentials either during the setup process or once you finish the setup process.

You can go back to your InstantPage website at any time before you publish your website with Website Builder. Reach your InstantPage account from the Website Builder home page in your GoDaddy account.

For more information, see Where Is My Content?

To Upgrade InstantPage to Website Builder

  1. Log in to your InstantPage account. You can also log in by going to your InstantPage site, clicking Owner Login, and then entering the login information for your InstantPage account.
  2. Click the Upgrade Your Site tab, and then complete your purchase.
  3. Click Go to Website Builder.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • Company or Individual name — Your published website is copyrighted material. Enter the name you want to hold the copyright
    • Email address — Website Builder uses this information whenever you create a page element that requires an email address
    • Select that you have read and agree to the Website Builder Terms of Service Agreement.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Website Builder imports your data from InstantPage. A window displays indicating your account is created.
  7. Click Get Started. A window displays welcoming you to the page designer.

    Note: You can also click Go to Site Settings to set up a user name unique to your Website Builder account. You must set up this information before publishing your website.

  8. Click Work on My Site.
  9. This information is unique to your Website Builder account. You can also use this information to log in to your Website Builder account directly at login.websitetonight.com. Complete the following fields:
    • User name — The user name you use to log in to your Website Builder account
    • Password — The password you use to log in to your Website Builder account
    • Confirm password — Confirm the password you use to log in to your Website Builder account
  10. Click OK.
  11. Use the page designer to work on your website. For more information, see Designing Pages.

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