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Viewing Your Premium Listings

You can view your Premium Listings in the Domain Manager.

We appraise the domain names you add to Premium Listings. The appraisal determines the information that displays in the Range and Recommended Price columns on the Premium Listings page.

For more information about Premium Listings, see What are Premium Listings?

To View Your Premium Listings

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
  3. From Buy/Sell, select Premium Listings. The following information displays for each domain name:
    • Domain Name — The domain name you added to Premium Listings.
    • Status — The current status of your domain name. For more information about possible statuses, see What are Premium Listings?
    • Range — The estimated selling price range, which the domain name appraisal determined.
    • Recommended Price — The recommended list price for your domain name, which the domain name appraisal determined.
    • List Price — The domain name's current list price.
    • Auto Renew — Indicates you've set the listing to automatically renew upon expiration. For more information, see Editing Renewal Options for Premium Listings.
    • Account — Displays the name of the payee account you added to the listing. If you haven't added a payee account yet, Add payee account displays. For more information, see Setting up Payee Accounts.

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